Englishman Jimmy Ward has never been to a cattle station or Australia for the matter…

I loved the writing style Ghis has and I’ve never been to a cattle station or Australia for the matter let alone the outback. The descriptive writing emerges the reader to such an extent it’s as if your right there at Jamie’s side.

Some characters you immediately like and others you just know you’re not going to like at all. For me it was Melissa, she starts out ok but turns in to a right bitch!!

Jamie and Melissa are best friends and meet a random backpacker, Irish. They all get along but then things tun bad….fast! Being youthful they don’t have life experience and make some very poor decisions. Will these decisions rip apart the life they know? Will the dust settle or will life change forever?

Jamie battles with right and wrong and has no one to turn to, the only person he would talk to is dead so he can’t seek her advice. He’s afraid of getting things wrong and letting his father down.

School holds no place for Jamie, he plans to follow his father and run Kelian but the decisions he made at the start of the summer have comeback to taunt Jamie!!

This is an outstanding debut novel, it gripping, suspenseful, well written, descriptive and immersive, it takes the reader to the heart of the outback, to the heart of Kelian cattle station where Jamie lives for the annual muster.

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