The Jump

Seventeen-year-old Jamie’s life on an outback cattle station is pretty straight-forward and it’s all he’s ever known or wanted – until a backpacker shows up in Palara, then disappears. Suddenly his carefree life is changed forever. Now, Jamie’s not only questioning himself, but being interrogated by police, lying to his father, and keeping secrets that threaten to tear him apart.

Months later, police are no closer to solving the missing person’s case, and Jamie has become obsessed with the missing backpacker. With no one to turn to, he’s alone with his burden of guilt, consumed with the grief of knowing and not telling. The annual cattle muster forces Jamie to confront his moral dilemma. Will the truth set him free or cage him in?

This coming-of-age novel explores morality in an uncomplicated outback setting. Underpinned by the daily running of a small cattle station and the capers at the local pub, The Jump is edgy and emotionally unnerving from the very first page.

Published by Nightstand Press