For fans of Wimmera and Jasper Jones, The Jump is one for you!

In the Australian outback, Seventeen-year-old Jamie and his best friend Melissa spend their days on the cattle station and swimming the gorge. A chilled, care free life, that is until the day “Irish” turns up! While Jamie, Melissa and Irish build up a friendship despite their age gap, things turn upside down when Irish goes missing!

A great story about the consequences of how things can spiral out of control when you keep things to yourself and don’t know what to do with it or who to turn to. How guilt plays on your mind and how you process that guilt. Is it enough to make you come clean? Or can you stick your head in the sand and forget? Jamie faces this dilemma in The Jump and I was with him on his journey. I could relate to being torn between telling and not telling and not knowing what the consequences of either decision would be.

The outback setting was described perfectly and I had images of the picturesque gorge and the cattle muster scenarios so vividly in my mind!

It wasn’t how I expected it to end but I was so pleased with the fabulous ending that really topped off this book! – Mandy Stebbing – via Goodreads

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